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Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Alaska Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (state-owned) Ongoing since 1982 All Alaska residents Approx. $1,000-$2,000 / year Universal base income Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Casino Revenue Fund North Carolina Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Ongoing since 1996 All enrolled members of Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Approx. $3,500-6,000 / 6 months Universal base income Ontario Basic Income Pilot (Canada) 3 sites in Ontario, Canada Government of Ontario 2017 – 2019 4,000 low-income individuals and couples (18-64 years old) Up to $16,989 [$24,027]/year for a single person [couple], less 50% of any earned incomeUp to $500/month additional for people with disabilities
Control group: compensated for participation in study Universal basic income Baby’s First Years (Income & the Developing Brain Study) New York City, NY
New Orleans metropolitan area, LA
Omaha metropolitan area, NE
Twin Cities, MN University of California, Irvine
Columbia University
New York University
University of Wisconsin-Madison 2017 – 2022 1,000 low-income mothers with newborns $333 / month for 40 months for treatment mothers
Control group: $20 / month for 40 months Base income Preserving Our Diversity Santa Monica, CA City of Santa Monica Housing and Economic Development Nov 2017 – ongoing 21 low-income elderly, rent-burdened renters (proposed expansion to 300) Calculated by household using the Basic Needs Subsidy Method, average of $500 / month Base income Direct Giving Lab Chicago, IL Direct Giving Lab Ongoing since 2017 70 low-income families (proposed expansion to 200) $100 / month Base income Magnolia Mother’s Trust Jackson, MS Springboard To Opportunities 2018 – 2019 16 low-income African-American mothers $1,000 / month Basic income Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED) Stockton, CA Office of Mayor Michael Tubbs, Reinvent South Stockton Coalition, Reinvent Stockton Foundation Feb 2019 – Jul 2020 100 residents of low-to middle-income neighborhoods $500 / month
Control group: compensated for participation in study Universal base income Basic Income Project TBD in 2019 Y Combinator Research TBD (3-5 yrs) 1,000 residents of low- to middle-income neighborhoods $1,000 / monthControl group: $50 / month Universal basic income Chicago Resilient Families Initiative (proposed) Chicago, IL Chicago Resilient Families Initiative Task Force TBD Proposed: 1000 families Proposed: $500 / month Universal base income Newark UBI pilot Newark, NJ Newark Mayor’s Office Exploratory Task Force TBD TBD TBD TBD


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